Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Of! The relationship between SEO and UCD

Spent a lot of time to read some SEO optimization documentation, for some questions to be discussed.

[Tips] What is SEO? Search engine optimization (search engine optimization, short seo): means the principles to follow search engine search on site structure, web site interaction between text language and foreign strategic deployment of rational planning, etc., to improve the site search in the search engine performance, thus increasing customers find and visit the website of the possibility of such a process. search engine optimization is also a scientific development concept and methodology, it changes with the search engines develop and also promotes search engine development.

Rules of the game

Search engine algorithm and between user needs, there must be some kind of hidden relationships, many basic principles are defined according to user needs, such as:

1, attention to the reverse link

2, stressed the update frequency and quality of

3, to promote original

That being the case, do not meet customer needs the product directly on the finished Why, why should not accurate search engine to card his neck then? Mining user research user needs is a matter, of course, you can think this is part of SEO work.

Dependent optimization is useless

Confused me the most is the most SEO issues are familiar recommendation that only SEO's to meet the object is known as search engine, and advocated to meet our target customer needs.

I think that optimization is a process of icing on the cake, that the original design did not do the bottom thing, all assigned to conduct SEO credit, called ignorance. For example:

1, Title availability

2, Meta, H1 application

3, station Keyword links

4, Url strategy

In addition, similar to the class Web site to download written test results are compared TITLE proposed "XXX Thunder download, XXXBT download, XXX eMule download" strategy to prove that search engine problems, but not the needs of users, so as technology development, it will be eliminated.

How to do SEO

Understand, think SEOer research should be focused on the search engine algorithms and temperament, can be based on actual research projects, to product designers a number of reasonable or unreasonable but can improve the ranking of the proposal, provided guidance to be in the UCD ideology of the Executive. Summarized in four aspects:

1, let the machine read the page HTML Structure

2, through the content to keep users Information Usability

3, to retain customers through the details of the User Experience

4, improve the algorithm matching Search Arithmetic

[Tips] What is UCD? User-Centered Design, User-centered design. In short, in product design from the user's needs and feelings of users starting around user-centered design of products, rather than the user to adapt products, regardless of use of the product process, product information architecture, human-computer interaction, etc. all need to consider the user's habits, expected interactively, visual perception and so on.

Itself is the scarcity of high quality technology, why mess gang to study, very weird social phenomenon. Actually there are many children who have just started, and exclaimed to learn SEO, it is inexplicable, 1234 of these cross-disciplinary expertise, you know how much?

As some of the scum of the actions, remember the words: sooner or later have to repay.


I write to you springing a very interesting idea, SEO and UCD is very similar to an idea and ideas are the only SEO provides services to machines, the development level; UCD provides services to users, the design level.

Can also be so understood: SEO awareness necessary to implement product development (note not the design) of each process, but that planning, planning, architecture a bit after (a IA duty), there are two different things. Because in addition to the research on search engines, I can not find any one belong to the "search engine optimization" of the independent technical details.

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